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WesternU professor named Innovative Pharmacist of the Year

by Rodney Tanaka

March 3, 2011

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WesternU’s Dr. Karl Hess, College of Pharmacy (COP) assistant professor of pharmacy practice and administration, recently received the Innovative Pharmacist of the Year Award from the California Pharmacists Association (CPhA).

The award was presented to Hess during the CPhA Outlook convention in Palm Springs on February 11, 2011.

Hess won the award for creating and maintaining the first-ever pharmacy-related International Travel Health Clinic inside an independent community pharmacy, at Hendricks Pharmacy in Claremont, Calif. The clinic gives international travelers an opportunity to obtain travel-related vaccines, medications, and advice to minimize or prevent most disease risks.

“”It was an honor to be recognized by my colleagues for the work that I have done at Hendricks Pharmacy,”” Hess said, “”especially for the students who are looking for practical ways to use the knowledge they’re given to implement new and different things. Being a role model for them in this process is important to me.””

According to CPhA, the award recognizes a pharmacist who is directly involved in a project that has either significantly improved patient care, added to the scope of pharmacy practice, created a new type of pharmacy specialty, introduced a concept that has altered the view of the pharmacist, or one who has invented a new chemical composition, method delivery, raw material or machinery related to the field of pharmacy.

Hess gave credit to his residency director at USC, Dr. Jeffery Goad, associate professor of clinical pharmacy and pharmaceutical economics and policy. Goad operates a similar type of service at USC within a campus-based pharmacy and at the student health center.

“”Through his guidance and support over the years, I have been able to implement a similar service at WesternU,”” Hess said.

Hess came to Southern California after graduating from the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in Boston in 2005. After a community pharmacy practice residency at USC, he began teaching at WesternU, and is now in his fifth year.

COP Dean Daniel Robinson, PharmD; Anandi Law, PhD, department chair and associate professor of pharmacy practice and administration; Dr. Brian Garner, owner and pharmacist-in-charge of Hendricks Pharmacy, and Hess’ students have played major roles in influencing where he is today, he said.

“”We are proud of Karl’s accomplishments and his service to the college and profession,”” Law said. “”Karl’s achievements and awards are a testament to his superlative levels of professionalism, work ethic and commitment.””

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