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WesternU Pet Health Center Opens State-Of-The-Art Pet Rehabilitation Center

by Jeff Malet

March 5, 2024

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The Western University of Health Sciences Pet Health Center (PHC) recently opened a Pet Rehabilitation Center for companion animals with a variety of state-of-the-art tools to help pets recover from injuries.

Leading the efforts to provide a spectrum of services to four-legged family members is College of Veterinary Medicine Registered Veterinary Technician Zachary Morris, who is one of only a handful of Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioners in Southern California.

“Whether your pet recently underwent orthopedic surgery, soft tissue trauma, has a neurologic condition or needs to lose a few extra pounds, our rehabilitation services are now here to help them recover and thrive,” Morris said.

Morris emphasized the importance of obtaining a referral from a veterinarian to kickstart the rehabilitation process for your beloved pet.

For those unfamiliar with PHC services, he advised scheduling an initial examination at the PHC with a skilled PHC veterinarian, explicitly mentioning the intention for rehabilitation.

“It’s crucial to ensure the pet receives an accurate diagnosis prior to commencing any rehabilitation procedures,” he said.

The Pet Rehabilitation Center relies on a range of diagnostic tools including Digital Thermal Imaging and the Gait Analysis Treadmill. This equipment not only furnishes Morris and PHC veterinarians with crucial insights into a pets’ locomotion capabilities, but it’s also indispensable for joint mobility assessments and for designing conditioning and strengthening regimens.

College of Veterinary Medicine Registered Veterinary Technician Zachary Morris with Otis in the Pet Rehabilitation Center. (Christiana Schall/ WesternU CVM)

PHC offers an array of therapeutic services, including Electrical Muscle Stimulation, massage, cryotherapy, and a highly effective Diowave Cold Laser Therapy.

For strengthening and conditioning exercises, PHC has a variety of equipment such as Cavaletti’s rails, weave poles, the shake plate, balancing boards, and the Gait4Dog treadmill

PHC also provides physio peanuts, fit bones, a soft ramp, and a plyometric box, all placed on comfortable padded floors and gym mats.

“This space and this service is yet another innovative direction for us here at the Pet Health Center and for our local veterinary community,” Morris said. “The Pet Rehabilitation Center is where we can continue to make a difference in our furry friends’ quality of life. Our team of veterinarians, RVT’s and clinical staff and students make up a compassionate, professional team that are always standing by to provide the best possible care for you and your furry family members.”

To reach the PHC, please visit or call (909) 865-2433.

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