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WesternU launches distance Advanced Training Programs in dentistry

by Rodney Tanaka

October 8, 2015

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Western University of Health Sciences, a leading innovator in dental education, has officially launched Advanced Training Programs through VirtualU@WesternU, a distance learning Continuing Education and Advanced Training site for health care professionals.

Advanced Training Programs by VirtualU@WesternU offer an entirely new generation of live patient, hands-on learning for clinicians. The programs enable clinicians to access online course content, treat patients in their own office, and receive high-quality supervision and mentorship from virtual faculty as part of the program. Clinicians remain in their practice and retain the revenue from their cases rather than close their office and travel. Treatment protocols and patient progress is monitored through the ICE Health Systems EHR (electronic health record) by course faculty.

Working systematically to provide advanced training and mentoring programs via distance with online continuing education (CE) courses for professionals, VirtualU@WesternU is pleased to announce that the CE component of this project is ready for release.

The initial Advanced Training Program offered is in Removable Partial Dentures, with numerous other programs scheduled to be added soon.

Registration for the Advanced Training Program is available on the WesternU College of Dental Medicine website, Click on the VirtualU@WesternU button at the bottom of the page.

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