Steven Feldman, a volunteer faculty member at the College of Pharmacy at

Western University of Health Sciences (WesternU) and the owner of the

California Pharmacy & Compounding Center in Newport Beach, has won a

statewide award for the innovative programs instituted in his pharmacy.

Feldman, a resident of Laguna Hills, received the Dupont Pharma 1999

Innovative Pharmacy Practice Award at the Western Pharmacy Education Faire

sponsored by the California Pharmacists Association in Anaheim on October


“”I feel that we’re in business to serve patients, and I’ve never been

afraid to do something new and different if I feel it’s in the best

interests of the patient,”” Feldman said. “”I would rather be a leader in

new pharmacy practice methods than wait for others to do it.””

As a specialist in compounding, Feldman creates specialty medications that

combine natural hormones in ways that are patient-specific based on the

customer’s diagnosis and needs. He has also formulated a line of

nutritional supplements and created an educational bone density screening

program marketed to pharmacists that can be used as a tool for early

detection of osteoporosis.

Feldman was nominated for the award by his staff members, and was selected

to receive it because of his entrepreneurial skills and approach to

patient care, according to Carlo Michelotti, CEO of the California

Pharmacists Association.

“”Steven Feldman is one of the most creative pharmacists in the state; he

is always on the cutting edge of changes in the profession,”” Michelotti

said. “”He is constantly identifying new valuable patient services to

provide, and has the entrepreneurial sense not to wait for someone else to

do it but to go in and do it himself.””

Feldman founded the California Pharmacy & Compounding Center in 1982 and

now has a staff of nine people. He opens his practice to third- and fourth-

year doctor of pharmacy students at WesternU on a volunteer basis, giving

them six-week hands-on training sessions. He is a member of the California

Pharmacists Association, the North American Menopause Society and the

National Community Pharmacists Association. He earned his bachelor’s

degree in pharmacy from the University of Utah in 1968.

The Dupont Pharma Innovative Pharmacy Practice Award was created in 1993

by DuPont Pharma and a planning committee of the National Council of State

Pharmacy Association Executives. It is intended to honor practicing

pharmacists who have demonstrated innovations that have resulted in

improved patient care.