By Jeff Malet, Writer/Photographer

College of Pharmacy Associate Dean Sam Shimomura, PharmD, was eager to buy Google Glass when it became available to everyone in the U.S. during its one-day sale on April 15, 2014.

Dr. Shimomura ran into my boss, Jeff Keating, executive director for public affairs and marketing at Western University of Health Sciences, during the Ray Symposium on April 17. After a quick discussion, I was assigned to showcase Shimomura opening up his new Google Glass box, and playing with it for the first time.

I thought using my GoPro Hero3 and my Nikon D600 camera in video mode would be more interesting than a photo and story. Plus there could be competition between Glass and GoPro eventually. Be sure to check out the video on your right.

Dr. Sam, as many on campus know him, invited third-year College of Pharmacy rotations student Katherine Tang to be part of the Glass-opening experience.

Dr. Sam said he knew he wanted to get Glass because he likes high-tech toys and often is an early adopter of such devices.

"I’m interested in seeing how we can use Google Glass for education, research and pharmacy practice," Shimomura said. "You know cooks, musicians, surgeons and firemen use it, but nobody has figured out how to use it for pharmacy, so I thought I’d be the first one."

If you end up being one of the lucky ones to purchase Glass, the Eye Care Center at Western University of Health Sciences is a Google Glass dispenser.