As of today, WesternU Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) graduates from the Class of 2011 have scored a 100 percent pass rate on the National Physical Therapy Examination for licensure, based on results from a Jan. 30, 2012 exam.

The 32 DPT graduates who have taken the exam have passed. Seven remaining graduates are unaccounted for because they have either not taken the test or have yet to respond to the Department of Physical Therapy Education advising them of their results. Upcoming dates to take the exam are March 29, July 2, July 31 and October 23.

“”You have to reflect on what success is, and I come up with a trifecta, a combination of devoted students, faculty and staff,”” said Dee Schilling, PT, PhD, Chair of the Department of Physical Therapy Education.

“”You’ve got dedicated students that are bright, have a thirst for knowledge, and are dedicated to their education,”” she said. “”Then you’ve got faculty that are experts in their field, and they deliver high-quality education because they’re dedicated to the education of their students. Finally, none of that is possible without administrative support to provide the tools and resources to do this.””

The DPT program, part of the College of Allied Health Professions, has reached this pass-rate milestone three times since becoming a doctorate program in 2006, and is on its way to a fourth perfect score this year. All 39 graduates from the Class of 2010 passed the test.

The national average pass rate is 87 percent.

“”The heart of our success comes through the dedication of our faculty to our students,”” said Stephanie Bowlin, EdD, PA, Dean, College of Allied Health Professions. “”Our faculty is truly committed to providing an excellent education that includes academics, clinical practice and research to ensure that their education is well rounded.””