For the third time in a row, graduates from the College of Pharmacy at

Western University of Health Sciences scored a 100 percent passing rate

on their national exam. The North American Pharmacy Licensure Exam,

NAPLEX, opens the final door for the graduates to apply for their

licenses and go into practice as pharmacists. The statewide pass rate

was 93.62% and the national average was 89.15%.

In a message to the current student Max Ray, dean of the College

of Pharmacy said, “”I hope these results will give you a sense of

confidence, and pride, in your school. And please keep in mind that we

don not intend to ‘rest on our laurels.'”” According to Dean Ray, each

state may add supplemental questions on individual state laws and passing

the exam permits licensure in all fifty states.

WesternU students earn a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree after

four years of study. Currently, there are 476 students enrolled in the

college and more than 500 alumni. The college was founded in 1996 with

its first class graduating in 2000.