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Western University Responds to Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

by Rodney Tanaka

June 13, 2003

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Pomona, CA – Western University today filed its legal response to a

lawsuit brought by a former University employee, Sinclair Hugh. The

Verified Answer to Mr. Hugh’s complaint, filed in the California Superior

Court in Pomona, challenges many alleged facts and interpretations of law

asserted by Mr. Hugh.

The Verified Answer says, “”Western University rejects as totally without

factual basis the allegation that Hugh was terminated because of the false

and misleading statements he made to the IRS and the state Attorney

General’s office. Hugh was terminated because he took other actions that

violated University policies and ignored sound management practices. His

employment was terminated because his other actions (not his contact with

government agencies) made him unfit to continue to serve as head of human

resource functions for Western University.

“”Following a thorough investigation, culminating in a review of relevant

information by its Board of Trustees, Western University determined that

Hugh breached his management responsibilities by: (a) failing to report

alleged violations of law to his supervisor; (b) sharing confidential and

private information, including confidential salary information, with

subordinate employees and others both inside and outside the University;

and (c) disseminating private and confidential information, thus exposing

Western University to potential liability from non-governmental third

parties. Western University determined that Hugh’s conduct constituted a

serious breach of confidentiality, a serious breach of Hugh’s management

responsibilities, and demonstrated a serious lack of judgment. For those

reasons, and those reasons alone, Western University terminated Hugh’s


Western University’s complete answer to Mr. Hugh’s initial complaint is a

public document and is available from the University Communications Office.


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