Western University of Health Sciences becomes the first university in

California to offer Veterinary

Pet Insurance (VPI) as a benefit to its students, faculty, alumni and

board of trustees. Members of the university’s community will have peace

of mind knowing that their pets, such as dogs, cats, birds and common

exotics, are protected with America’s number one pet medical insurance

plan, while receiving a group rate discount.

Western University is home to Southern California’s first and only veterinary college. The first

class of students will enter in fall 2003.

“”By introducing veterinary students to the concept of VPI, we hope to

ingrain in their minds that not only will the pet and its owner benefit,

but the veterinarian will too because he’ll be able to practice more care,

more often,”” said Jack Stephens, DVM, founder and CEO of VPI. VPI gives

pet owners the freedom to choose the veterinarians of their choice,

worldwide, and accept the treatments or procedures recommended to them

without the hindrance of cost.

By reaching out to all those involved at Western University of Health

Sciences, especially the students, VPI is hopeful that more pets will be

covered and the awareness of pet insurance continues to grow. “”Western

University of Health Sciences’ endorsement comes naturally considering the

goal for both parties is to offer the best care for pets through medical

aid and financial assistance,”” Dr. Stephens added.

Western University of Health Sciences’ College of Veterinary Medicine is

the second veterinary college in California and the 28th in the nation.

Western University of Health Sciences — a 25-year-old independent,

accredited, not-for-profit university –currently provides post-

baccalaureate professional degrees in health sciences disciplines:

physical therapy, pharmacy, osteopathic medicine, physician assistant

studies and advanced practice nursing.

The first two years of the College of Veterinary Medicine’s innovative

four-year curriculum will give students hands-on clinical experience to

build psychomotor skills earlier in the curriculum than in that of

traditional veterinary schools. The third and fourth years of the

curriculum will occur predominantly in clinical rotations throughout

Southern California, where small groups of students will participate in

cooperative learning experiences under joint supervision of veterinary

faculty and practicing veterinarians.

“”This type of curriculum will help students develop the skills and habits

to better serve the pets they are treating,”” said Shirley Johnston, DVM,

PhD, dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine.


About Veterinary Pet Insurance

Founded in 1980 by Dr. Jack Stephens with the support of 750 independent

veterinarians, Veterinary Pet Insurance, Brea, California, is the nation’s

number-one medical insurance for dogs, cats, birds and other common exotic

pets, with over 200,000 policies in force. Exclusively endorsed by

American Humane, Veterinary Pet Insurance policies make the miracles of

veterinary medicine affordable by covering more than 6,400 medical

treatments for accidents and illnesses, with optional coverage available

for preventive and routine care. Policies are licensed in all 50 states

and the District of Columbia. Veterinary Pet Insurance policies in

California are underwritten by Veterinary Pet Insurance Co. of Brea,

California. Elsewhere, policies are underwritten by National Casualty Co.,

an A+15 rated company, in Madison, Wisconsin.

For more information on insuring their pets, consumers may call 800-USA-

PETS (800-872-7387) or visit the Veterinary Pet Insurance Web site at www.petinsurance.com.