The College of Pharmacy will open its first annual symposium by featuring

three keynote speakers who are considered experts in the profession. The

notable guest speakers will cover compelling topics that have a direct

impact on contemporary society.

“”We are incredibly please to initiate a new tradition in the College of

Pharmacy,”” said Sam Shimomura, associate dean of the College of

Pharmacy. “”This first symposium hosted by Dean Max Ray, will bring

together students, faculty, preceptors, alumni and friends of the

WesternU College of Pharmacy to examine major technological, professional

and ethical issues that will impact our lives for the next 20 years or


The topics and speakers include: Alvin Cheung, PharmD, MHSA, Area

Pharmacy Director, Diablo Area Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, in Northern

California. Cheung will discuss the science of Pharmacogenomics, which

examines the inherited variations in genes that dictate the response to

medication. His presentation will give the audience a 35,000 ft. view of

current trends in pharmacogenomic research and the potential applications

in patient care over the next 10 to 20 years.

Margaret Laws, M.P.P., Director, Public Financing and Policy Program,

California HealthCare Foundation in Oakland, CA. She will speak

about, “”The Public Policy Implications of Increasing Health Care Costs.””

The final speaker, Lorie Rice, MPH, Associate Dean for External Affairs,

UCSF School of Pharmacy, will be speaking on the topic, “”Reflections on

Your Retirement.”” She will help new practitioners assess their career

decisions from an ethical and professional perspective, spanning 40 years

forward and leading up to their retirement.

After the Symposium concludes, lunch will be served and the honors day

portion of the day will commence; Dr. Mark Okamoto will be the featured

faculty speaker at the program. Honors Day is celebrated each year as a

time in which WesternU students are recognized and honored for their

pursuit of academic excellence, academic achievements, service to the

community, the university, and to others.

The Symposium will be held at the Hinds Pavilion at the Pomona Fairplex

on Thursday, April 6.