In a collaborative effort to share their views on successful leadership

methods, Phillip Pumerantz, PhD, president of Western University of Health

Sciences, and William H. Feddersen, EdD, president of Mount San Antonio

College, will conduct a “”A Presidential Leadership Forum”” at 6 p.m.,

Tuesday, April 17, at Western University.

The educational executives will answer posed questions on a variety of

topics including administrative credibility, education and health care.

After an intermission for refreshments, attendees of the free event will

have the opportunity to field questions to Drs. Pumerantz and Feddersen in

a moderated discussion of the evening’s topics.

Mt. SAC Medical Services Department Chair and event coordinator Lane

Braver, PA-C, said he looks forward to showcasing the executive

perspectives from his college as well as the neighboring Western

University, where he is a student in the university’s Master of Science

and Health Professions Education program.

“”I don’t think the average college student feels that he or she can just

walk into the president’s office and ask a question,”” Braver said. “”This

is a unique opportunity for anyone to learn how two very different leaders

work for the same goal — to educate.””

Dr. Pumerantz said that the comparison between the two presidents will

allow for the audience to better understand the diversity in executive


“”Although Dr. Feddersen and I have different leadership styles, we operate

on the same set of core values. We value people and we both are listeners

and askers of questions. These principals are essential for good


Dr. Feddersen said the forum will be an excellent opportunity to speak on

adapting leadership styles in a changing society.

“”There has been a shift of emphasis from management to leadership where

executives share leadership and give employees more responsibility,”” he

said. “”A lot of organizations are struggling with this concept.””

Drs. Pumerantz and Feddersen will discuss the dynamics of their field in

the Health Professions Center’s Bartlett Theater. For more information

regarding the event or to RSVP, call Braver at (909) 594-5611 ext. 4656.