Western University of Health Sciences is proud to announce a host of

professorships and promotions in the university’s colleges of pharmacy and

osteopathic medicine.

Effective July 1, three members of the university’s faculty will advance

from the level of associate to full professor, while four will move from

their status as assistant to associate professors.

“”We are always proud to announce professorships and academic advancements

at the university as it’s a mark of the skill exerted by our faculty,””

said Dr. George Charney, executive vice president of academic affairs.

The appointments to professor were as follows:

In the College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific (COMP), Dennis

Kiick, PhD, was promoted to professor of biochemistry. Dr. Kiick has been

with the university for four years and is a resident of Rancho Cucamonga.

Wallace Murray, PhD, was promoted to a professor of pharmaceutical

sciences for the College of Pharmacy (COP). Also serving as the college’s

associate dean for academic affairs since 1999, Dr. Murray is a resident

of Fontana.

The appointments to associate professor were as follows:

Serving on the faculty for COMP and the College of Veterinary Medicine,

Elizabeth Rega, PhD, was appointed associate professor of anatomy in COMP.

A member of the faculty since 2000, Dr. Rega lives in Riverside.

Also in the arena of anatomy, Tony Mosconi, PhD, was promoted to an

associate professor for COMP. Dr. Mosconi is a resident of Arcadia.

H. James Jones, DO, was appointed associate professor of internal

medicine/neurology/osteopathic manipulative medicine in COMP. Dr. Jones

resides in Burbank.

In the pharmacy program, both Maria Lambros, PhD, and Robert Graf, PhD,

were promoted to the level of associate professor of pharmaceutical

sciences. Dr. Lambros lives in Upland and Dr. Graf’s home is in Chino