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This Week@WesternU Oct. 15-18, 2019

by Jeff Malet

October 15, 2019

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Great ShakeOut

WesternU will participate in the Great ShakeOut earthquake drill at 10:17 a.m. Thursday, Oct. 17, 2019.

Everyone on both the Pomona and Lebanon campuses is asked to participate except for WesternU Health and the Pet Health Center. At 10:17 a.m., please Drop, Cover and Hold On for one minute.

Experts advise that you want to use this time to evaluate your location. If there is a table or desk nearby, get under it. If you are in an open room, get up against a wall. If you are in bed, stay there. If you are outside, stay away from power lines, trees, buildings, or anything that could fall on you. If you are driving, pull over and stop, avoid bridges and power lines, and stay in your vehicle until the shaking stops. Depending on the severity of the earthquake, it may not be safe to drive until you can survey the conditions of the roads. Please use this drill to take a look at how you have prepared yourself for the next emergency. We need to have a plan for being at home, at work or in your car. You will need the basics: food, clothing, shelter and water. Prepare a backpack for your vehicle and your workplace or you can buy a prepared kit. You will gain peace of mind knowing that you have prepared for the unknown.

The Lebanon campus will not evacuate the building.

For those on the Pomona campus, after the 60-second “Drop, Cover and Hold On” drill, please exit your building (except for WesternU Health and PHC). Remember to use the closest exit door and go to your evacuation area. Please follow the directions of the “Safety Coordinators.” They will be the ones wearing the hard hat and wearing a safety vest. Roll call will be taken to assure everyone is accounted for. Click here for a list of buildings and evacuation areas. This is subject to change in an emergency if that area or the route is determined to be unsafe. Please use common sense and find a safe place to gather and wait for updates from the staff. Prior emergencies have shown us that cell phone towers become overloaded, so phone calls probably will not go through, however texts seem to work best.

WesternU will be sending test messages on its emergency notification system and/or “LiveSafe” app, giving you updates and further instructions during this drill. The messages will clearly indicate that this is a test and not an actual emergency.

If you do not receive a text, email and a phone call, you may want to go to BanWeb self-service and update your personal information:

American Red Cross Survival Kit Supplies:

Click here to read more about the Great ShakeOut:


LiveSafe app scavenger hunt

University Student Affairs will hold a scavenger hunt to encourage faculty, staff and students to engage with the LiveSafe app. The contest will run from 9 a.m. Tuesday, Oct. 15 to 9 a.m. Monday, Oct. 21, 2019.

How to enter: Download the LiveSafe app.

For the Pomona campus, take a selfie with a yellow emergency phone.

For the Lebanon campus, take a selfie with a fire extinguisher, defibrillator or security guard.

Submit your photos through the “Scavenger Hunt” button on the LiveSafe app. Winners of a $25 Amazon gift card will be chosen at random from both WesternU campuses. All WesternU faculty, staff and students are eligible.

Click here to view a flier for the Pomona campus.

Click here to view a flier for the Lebanon campus.



WesternU honored by INSAN

WesternU was honored twice during INSAN’s annual health fair in Pomona Saturday, October 12. INSAN, whose mission is empowering those who live in poverty so that they might live lives of dignity and well-being, recognized Dr. Kristy Remick-Waltman, Director of Community Outreach for the WesternU College of Optometry, for her efforts bringing optometry students to the health fair each year since 2012. WesternU itself was recognized for its mission of community service and its humanistic philosophy, and for providing faculty and students for the INSAN health fair each year. Jeffery Keating, WesternU Chief of Community and Government Affairs accepted the award on behalf of the University.

Click here to view a post on WesternU’s Facebook page.


WesternU sponsors Pomona 5K & 10K, student wins 10K race                                                                  

Hundreds of runners, walkers, and interested community members converged on Shaun Diamond Plaza Saturday morning, October 12, for the third annual Pomona 5K & 10K. WesternU was a race sponsor and fielded a team of five runners (two staff members and three students), and the University was well represented on the Plaza by students and faculty from the College of Health Sciences, the College of Podiatric Medicine, Pomona Health Career Ladder, and WesternU Health. Click here to view the post on WesternU’s Facebook page. Click here to view the post on WesternU’s Instagram profile.

First-year COMP student Blake Zufall finished in first place in the 10K portion of the third annual Pomona 5K & 10K, with a time of 30:24. Congratulations Blake! Click here to view the post on Facebook.



From the College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific:

Kudos on accomplishments
Dr. Anna Chlebowski, Postdoctoral Fellow with Dr. Glen Kisby, was awarded First Place Best Postdoctoral Researcher Presentation at the Pacific Northwest Association of Toxicologists (PANWAT) annual meeting held Oct. 6-7 in Boise, Idaho. Her presentation was titled “Development of iPSC-Derived Human Neuroprogenitor cells (hNPCs) and Neurons to Explore the Environmental Etiology of Guam Parkinson-Dementia Complex (PDC).”

Third-year COMP student Ian Wong, MSMS ’17, won first place in student research at the American College of Physicians Southern California meeting Oct. 12, 2019 for the poster “Use of Social Media to Share Dementia Education Among Elderly Chinese,”  a project led by Benjamin Woo, MD.


COMP seminar series
COMP will hold its monthly seminar at noon Friday, Oct. 18, 2019 in HEC Classroom A in Pomona and streamed to Lecture Hall 1 in Lebanon. Amir Goldkorn, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine, K.M. Balakrishnan Chair of Cancer Research, Associate Director of Translational Research, USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center, Keck School of Medicine, will present “A Moving Target: Tracking Cancer Plasticity in Cells and in Patients.”

The COMP Seminar Series, which is open to everyone on campus, runs once a month from September to May.

Click here to view a flier.



From the College of Veterinary Medicine:

Kudos on accomplishments
Dr. Tracey McNamara recently shared her insight and expertise with top consulting firm McKinsey & Company to help the company build a comprehensive picture of how far the global response to antimicrobial resistance has progressed since the 2016 Political Declaration and what critical gaps remain.

CVM Associate Professor Miguel Saggese has four recently published or accepted (in press) papers as first and/or corresponding author or co-author:

Avian Prey Remains at Eyries of the Austral Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus cassini) in Southern Atlantic Artine Patagonia During the Breeding Season. (2019) MD Saggese, DK Ellis, A Trejo, RW Nelson, AIE Quaglia, IC Caballero, CH Ellis, MB Amoros. Journal of Raptor Research 53 (2) 207-211.

Successful Breeding Between Basic III Plumage (Subadult) Female and Adult Male Variable Hawks (Geranoaetus Polyosoma) in Patagonia, Argentina. (2019) MD Saggese, AIE Quaglia, ER De Lucca and DH Ellis. Journal of Raptor Research 53 (4). Accepted. In Press.

Robbing Ibis Nests as a Foraging Strategy of Peregrine Falcons in Patagonia, Argentina. (2019) DH Ellis, MD Saggese, RW Nelson and AIE Quaglia. Journal of Raptor Research 53 (4). Accepted. In Press

A Simple, Effective and Portable Modified Walk in Turkey Vulture Trap. PH Bloom, JM Papp, MD Saggese, AM Gresham. Northern American Bird Banding. Accepted, In Press.

Dr. Saggese, as a co-director, together with Dr. Laura Biondo, of Lic. Carla Paterlini, PhD student at the University of Mar del Plata, participated in three recent poster presentations (as co-author) at the XVII Argentine Ornithological Meeting, result of research conducted there, including:

Paterlini CA, MS Bó, SB Román, MD Saggese and LM Biondi. (2019). Effect of Urbanization levels on the Body Condition of Chimango Caracaras (Milvago chimango). XVII Rao — Reunión Argentina de Ornitologia. Tandil, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Paterlini CA, NP Scioscia, MS Bó, C Lavallen, MD Saggese and LM Biondi. (2019) Gastrointestinal parasites prevalence in Chimango Caracaras (Milvago chimango) from areas with different degree of anthropic disturbance. XVII RAO – Reunión Argentina de ornitologia. Tandil, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Paterlini CA, MS Bó, NM Chiaradia, R Noseda, C Bigalli, MD Saggese, and LM Biondi. (2019). Survey of selected pathogens in Chimango Caracaras (Milvago chimango) in Mar del Plata and Surrounding Areas. XVII RAO – Reunión Argentina de ornitologia. Tandil, Buenos Aires, Argentina.



From the Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning:

This week’s CETL Sessions
All faculty and staff are invited to come join a professional development opportunity!

Register online at If you have trouble registering online please email

Please register at least 24 hours in advance.


Noon Tuesday, Oct. 15

Crafting a Professional Digital Identity for Academic Success
Whether it’s realized or not, every healthcare professional has a digital identity. As the digital age advances, more of our professional lives are conducted across diverse online spaces and platforms. A strong professional digital identity can increase career opportunities, our ability to network with like-minded professionals, and capacity to share academic work across broader segments of the population or to specific audiences with overlapping academic interests. Conversely, a weak digital professional identity may actually detract from career advancement opportunities. This presentation will further introduce and explore the concept of digital professional identities and ‘personal branding’ with a focus on strategies to strengthen your professional digital identity.

Presented by: Benjamin Malcolm, PharmD, MPH, Assistant Professor, College of Pharmacy


Noon Wednesday, Oct. 16

NYMJ Club – Various Ways of Understanding the Concept of Andragogy
This article deals with the concept of andragogy and the understanding of the same from a historical and professional perspective. It also includes a clarification of the difference between European and North American andragogy. Andragogy concerns adult education and learning in some way or another, but, beyond this, the concept is ambiguous. Many perceive it as being synonymous with Knowles’s andragogy from the 1970s, but this perspective is divorced from a sense of history. European andragogy arose long before Knowles’s andragogy did and is also more ambiguous. This article accounts for various understandings of andragogy, from the first known user of the concept to date.

Presented by: Tim J. Wood, DHSc, PA-C, Associate Vice President Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning


Noon Thursday, Oct. 17

The 30 Minute Meetings
Instead of hour-long meetings every day, what if you could make each meeting 30 minutes and still accomplish the same amount of agenda items. Come check out some tips and tricks on how to have more effective and shorter meetings with CETL.

Presented by: Kassidy A. Fierro, MBA, Project Manager Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning

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