From the College of Dental Medicine:

Kudos on accomplishments
CDM Assistant Professor Robert Stevenson presented at the monthly meeting of the Humboldt-Del Norte Dental Society in Eureka, California Nov. 12. The presentation, titled “A Quick Looks at Ethics in Dentistry,” was attended mainly by society members. Dr. Stevenson was also representing CDA’s Judicial Council at the meeting.

WesternU’s CDM Community Based Dental Education team hosted the San Gabriel Valley Health Advisory meeting at the First5 LA Administrative Office in Indian Hills on Wednesday, November 18, 2015. The attendees were health care advocates with representatives from various school districts, school administrators, nurses, community agencies and parents. Dr. Jenny Tjahjono and Dr. Marisa Watanabe were featured speakers on the CDM’s contribution and outreach efforts for the underserved community.


From the College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific:

Kudos on accomplishments
Representing the Medical Anatomy Center (MAC) and the Military Club Nov.13 and Nov. 16, Dr. Brion Benninger, Executive Director of the MAC, and Ian Blandford, volunteer research associate of the MAC, helped construct large elaborate flower planters with Home Depot employees who designed and supplied materials for the Edward C. Allworth Oregon Veteran’s Home in Lebanon, Oregon. Dr. Benninger wanted to thank the Albany Home Depot and Ian Blandford for making this project happen and for persevering in rather adverse weather conditions. Besides volunteering for Veteran causes, Dr. Benninger and Ian Blandford are mentoring Military medical students from COMP-Northwest on high-tech military medicine research.

Dr. Benninger’s research utilizing Google Glass is featured in the West Linn Tidings newspaper.


From the College of Pharmacy:

Kudos on accomplishments
Congratulations to the following Pharmaceutical Sciences Department members and their colleagues on their most recent accomplishments:

Parrisa Solaimani, PhD, (Postdoctoral Fellow in Dr. Arezoo Campbell’s Lab), for her first-place award in the Postdoctoral Poster presentation at the Southern California Chapter of the Society of Toxicology (SCCSOT) Meeting on October 12, 2015, in Carlsbad, Calif. The title of the poster is “Exposure to airborne ambient ultrafine particulate matter alters the expression of several noncoding RNAs and Metallothioneins in primary human neurons.” The award included a $500 cash prize.

Kabir Lutfy, PhD, for his National Multiple Sclerosis Society Sub-Award. Dr. Lutfy is co-investigator and will be working with Virginia Commonwealth University’s principal investigator Carmen Sato-Bigbee PhD on the project titled “The Role of Mu-Opioid/Nociceptin-Orphanin FQ Receptor System in Oligodendrocyte Development and Remyelination.” The project will study the role of the endogenous ligand of the mu-opioid receptor and its counterpart ORL1 receptor. The Sub-Award is approximately $20,000 per year for three years.

Peter Oelschlaeger, PhD, MSPS Alumni Alecander E. LaCuran, Eleanor M. Liu and their collaborators on their most recent publication: Lacuran AE, Pegg KM, Liu EM, Bethel CR, Ai N, Welsh WJ, Bonomo RA, Oelschlaeger P. Elucidating the role of residue 67 in IMP-type metallo-β-lactamase evolution. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy. 2015; 59(12) doi: 10.1128/AAC.01651-15. Click here to read the article.