WesternU celebrates new student housing project

The Daumier at Western University of Health Sciences will provide housing and recreation to students, while its development also reflects the founding principles of the university.

WesternU held a ribbon-cutting ceremony on June 27, 2014 for the Daumier, a $45-million, 173,000-square-foot mixed-use project on 3.6 acres at Third and Linden streets in Pomona, Calif. The four-story building will include student-focused apartment-type residential quarters, as well as about 10,000 square feet of administrative space to be occupied by WesternU. The Daumier has 202 units with 305 beds, with studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom floor plans. Students will move in beginning July 25.

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WesternU hosts SWAT training exercises

WesternU hosted SWAT training exercises at the Harriet K. and Philip Pumerantz Library and Learning Resource Center Wednesday, June 25, 2014. The Pomona Police Department SWAT team and negotiators participated in active shooter and hostage situation exercises.

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From the College of Graduate Nursing:

College of Graduate Nursing receives HRSA funding for sixth straight year

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) has awarded Western University of Health Sciences’ College of Graduate Nursing nearly $400,000 to assist nurses obtaining their doctoral degrees.

This is the sixth year that HRSA has provided support to the College of Graduate Nursing (CGN) through the National Faculty Loan Program (NFLP). Funds from this 2014-15 award — $396,456, the highest amount ever awarded to WesternU — will be used to prepare nurse educators enrolled in the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program. CGN expects to support as many as 20 DNP students with the award.

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From the College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific:

Kudos on accomplishments

COMP-Northwest faculty and students collaborated on a research article published in the June edition of The American Academy of Osteopathy Journal. The article is titled “”Health Status Comparison of Lebanon, Oregon, and Lobitos, Peru: A Pilot Study Using a Novel Investigative Study Tool.””

Click here to view the article. The June edition also features additional work from WesternU faculty. Click here to view the AAO Journal.

Congratulations to Dr. Brian Loveless and Dr. Rebecca Giusti for passing their Family Practice Recertification Boards.

Matt Wedel, PhD, of COMP and CDM, was quoted in a Live Science story on new baby dinosaur tracks from Colorado: http://www.livescience.com/46541-baby-stegosaurus-tracks-modeled-in-3d.html

From the College of Pharmacy:

Kudos on accomplishments

The College of Pharmacy had 11 post-docs this past year, with nine completing their programs and two continuing on for one more year. We wish all of our Post-Docs continued success in their careers.

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From the College of Veterinary Medicine:

Kudos on accomplishments

Dr. Ohad Levi presented a poster, “”Comparison Between Training Models to Teach Veterinary Medicine Students Basic Laparoscopic Surgery Skills,”” at the recent AAVMC Veterinary Educator Collaborative Symposium held in Iowa. Authors are Dr. Ohad Levi, Kurt Michelotti (DVM 2015), Dr. Peggy Schmidt, Minette Lagman (MSBS 2014), Dr. Maria Fahie and Dr. Dominique Griffon. This poster is also being presented at the Pac Vet 2014 Conference in San Francisco.

Dr. Levi also presented a second poster titled, “”Training Veterinary Students to Perform Ovariectomy Using the MOOSE Spay Model with Traditional Method versus the Dowling Spay Retractor.”” Authors are Amanda Cloke (DVM 2016), Dr. Ohad Levi, Dr. Peggy Schmidt and Dr. Maria Fahie.

Dr. Tracey McNamara gave a talk at the 2nd International Scientific Meeting of Anatomy and Physiology Fundamentals of Medicine Conference, June 13-17, in Croatia. The title of Dr. McNamara’s presentation was “”Zoo Pathology: A treasure trove of Comparative Medicine.””

On June 13, Dr. McNamara also delivered the Commencement address at University of Guelph Ontario Veterinary College and was awarded an honorary PhD.

Dr. Babak Faramarzi was recently informed that two of his abstracts have been accepted for the 8th International Symposium on Veterinary /Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine and he will be giving an oral presentation in August. Dr. Faramarzi was PI (Principal Investigator) on both studies. The first study, “”Diagnosis of Distal Phalanx Palmar Process Fractures in Foals: Challenges and Solutions,”” is based on a study he designed several years ago. The researchers found that many of Palmar Process (PP) fractures can be missed on routine radiography and it is necessary to use a special radiography projection to identify those fractures.

The second abstract, “”Use of Force Plate to Investigate Force Distribution in Foals With and Without Palmar Processes Fractures of the Distal Phalanx,”” is based on a novel project Dr. Faramarzi did via collaboration with colleagues at Cal Poly, where he is also an adjunct professor. For the first time he walked foals with diagnosed PP fractures on a Force Plate and they examined the biomechanics and force distribution in foals with and without a fracture. Robert Stowe (GCBS) was his master student on the second project.

From the College of Dental Medicine and the Center for Oral Health:

Primary Care Recommendations for Oral Health Care in HIV+ Patients

June 27 was National HIV Testing Day. HIV and AIDS affect millions of people around the world. Center for Oral Health is proud to join the national effort in support of HIV/AIDS awareness, and has produced an Issue Brief that highlights the importance of oral health for People Living With Human Immunodeficiency Virus or Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (PLWHA). This brief is meant to inspire a more holistic and people-centered health care approach in the face of this global epidemic. We invite you to read and share this work of Center for Oral Health in collaboration with

Western University of Health Sciences: http://centerfororalhealth.org/images/lib_PDF/hiv_oral_health_policy_brief_6-17-14.pdf

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From Western Diabetes Institute:

Diabetes study

Volunteers with Type 2 Diabetes who are taking insulin once or twice a day are needed for participation in a research study at Western Diabetes Institute.

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From University Advancement:

Alumni news

The WesternU Alumni Association hosted a reception on June 27 for nearly 50 alumni, students, faculty, staff and guests at the American Optometric Association’s Optometry’s Meeting in Philadelphia. The event featured “”WesternU Blue Iris-tinis”” and an indoor street cart serving up authentic Philly Cheese Steaks.

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