From the College of Allied Health Professions:

Department of Physical Therapy Education News

Lindsey Liggan, DPT Class of 2013, gave a presentation on “Gait Analysis” at a recent on-campus meeting of the Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association (NORA). Liggan addressed the need to learn how to observe a patient’s gait so one can better understand how to reduce the risk of future falls.

From the College of Pharmacy:

Kudos on accomplishments

Dr. Sheryl Chow has authored a book chapter published as part of the ACCP Pharmacotherapy self-assessment program (PSAP VIII) Book on Cardiology/Endocrinology. Title of Chapter: Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction. The book was released Jan. 15, 2013.
Click here to view the chapter.

From the College of Veterinary Medicine:

Kudos on accomplishments

Veterinary internist and Assistant Professor Dr. Linda Kidd has recently received funding for two grants and prominently represented Western University of Health Sciences at the Central Veterinary Conference –West.

Her funded studies are: “Procoagulant microparticles in canine immune mediated hemolytic anemia.” This grant was funded by the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine Foundation with matching funds provided by the Associate Dean of Research of Western University of Health Sciences College of Veterinary Medicine. The study is a collaborative project between the College of Veterinary Medicine, a CVM fourth-year clinical teaching site California Veterinary Specialists, and the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Department of Medicine.

“Prevalence of vector borne disease in dogs with clinical signs of immune mediated disease using multiple modality testing.” This study will use multiple modality testing to determine the prevalence of vector borne disease in dogs with clinical signs of immune mediated disease. The grant was funded by the Canine Health Foundation and Associate Dean of Research Western University of Health Sciences College of Veterinary Medicine. Preliminary data for the study was generated from a study funded by a Western University of Health Sciences Intramural Grant.

At the Central Veterinary Conference West in San Diego on Dec. 6-7, 2012, Dr. Kidd presented, “A clinical approach to disorders of primary hemostasis;” “What you need to know about the cell-based model of coagulation;” “Diagnostic testing for disorders of thrombosis and hemostasis;” “What’s new in the pathophysiology of thrombosis in patients with predisposing underlying disease?” “Prevention of thrombosis: Does pathophysiology of thrombus formation matter?” “Which underlying diseases should I screen for in dogs with Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia?” and “How to use PCR and serology in vector-borne disease screening: Which test and when?”

The lecture titled “How to use PCR and serology in vector-borne disease screening: Which test and when” was flagged as a special skills building session by the editors of the journal of “Veterinary Medicine” and highlighted as such in the program. She has been invited to write a review article on this topic by “Veterinary Medicine” as a result.

Veterinary Business Management Association to hold 3rd Annual Symposium

The veterinary community is invited to WesternU’s Veterinary Business Management Association (VBMA) 3rd Annual Symposium on Sunday, Jan. 27, 2013 in HEC Lecture Hall 1. Click here to read the full story.

From the College of Podiatric Medicine:

CPM Newsletter

Click here for the latest College of Podiatric Medicine newsletter.

From LEAD:

Kudos on accomplishments

Hector Arroyo Jr., EdD, Assistant Director of LEAD, has co-authored a book on a new way to approach team dynamics and offers strategies to promote and maintain successful faculty/teacher teams. While the book’s emphasis is on teacher teams, the strategies presented can be used across a variety of organizations to promote effective collaboration.

The citation for the book is: Wiseman, P., Arroyo, H., & Richter, N. (2012). Reviving professional learning communities: Strength through diversity, conflict, teamwork, and structure. New York, NY: Rowman & Littlefield Education.

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