by Eric J. Fish for Progressive Dairyman

So, what kind of vet do you want to be, large or small animal? That’s the question that inevitably comes up whenever people find out that I’m going to vet school. It might seem like an easy question to answer, but there’s more to it than whether I prefer cows and horses or dogs and cats. The question brings up issues beneath the surface, like potential salary, educational loans, opportunity for advancement, typical schedule and benefits like health insurance.

Young, idealistic students don’t like to discuss these sticky financial matters. I find that the notion of entering a career for money is more upsetting to my vet student peers than those in other graduate fields. We cling to the idea that the one and only reason anyone goes into veterinary medicine is "Because I love animals!" No one wants to be labeled a "sell-out."

And indeed, any focus on money seemed troubling to me until the last six months or so when I had to get my financial house in order by completing exit interviews for loans from Cornell and signing off new loans to pay for vet school at Western University. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in animal science… Read the full story >>