The experiences and challenges of accommodating physical disability differ trainee by trainee, and institution by institution

The New Physician

Author: Dr. Naveed Saleh

I had a difficult surgery rotation. I was exhausted by long hours on my feet retracting for ungrateful surgeons, scared of supervising residents, overwhelmed by the reading and frustrated by throwing sutures. I wondered whether the experience could be any more difficult. And then I heard about a student who had excelled on the rotation even though she was legally blind.

For many of us who know little about the subject, questions concerning physicians with physical disabilities abound. How does the application process differ for a person with a disability? What kinds of accommodations can be made? What happens when a trained physician with disabilities gets a job?

The professional path for physicians with disabilities is difficult and sometimes paved with discrimination. Roadblocks abound, starting with the application process, continuing with the need for accommodation in medical school and residency, and culminating in difficulties entering the workforce. Read the full story >>