“”Issues and Strategies for Pharmacy Practice Research”” is the title of the

first monograph issued by the Pharmacy Practice Research Roundtable, an

initiative of Western University of Health Sciences (WesternU). The

monograph kicks off a series called “”Improving Health Care Through

Pharmacy Practice Research,”” and will be followed by a second publication

later this year.

The monograph lists 22 issues that appear to be important to pharmacy

practice and the roles of pharmacists in contemporary health care

delivery. Specifically, the report calls attention to the need for a broad

agenda for pharmacy practice research, proposes a range of issues for

further study and offers thoughts on the strategic planning process that

will be needed to accomplish the goals of pharmacy practice research.

“”It is important that we discover ways in which the profession of

pharmacy, with a national workforce of over 175,000, can make its maximum

contribution to society,”” said Max Ray, PharmD, dean of WesternU’s College

of Pharmacy and the chairman of the Roundtable. “”This monograph sets the

foundation for creating an important research agenda for pharmacy


The Pharmacy Practice Research Roundtable is a 15-member body of experts

convened and coordinated by WesternU’s Center for Pharmacy Practice

Research and Development and funded by Cardinal Health, Inc. The

Roundtable was established in 1998 to propose a specific research agenda

related to pharmacy practice based on an analysis of the key issues that

affect the pharmacist’s ability to help people make responsible use of


The monograph is available on WesternU’s Web site and

can also be obtained by writing to Dr. Ray at WesternU, 309 E. Second

Street, Pomona, CA 91766 or e-mailing