The College of Podiatric Medicine held its first reception on Thursday, Sept. 11, 2008 at Western University of Health Sciences’ Pomona campus.

Lawrence Harkless, DPM, Founding Dean of the College of Podiatric Medicine, invited his guests to partner with the college in student recruitment, job shadowing, conducting applicant interviews, continuing medical education courses and as clinical preceptors. The college will welcome its first students in August 2009.

“We need all of your participation to make sure our college is successful,” he said.

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Many of the guests were podiatrists with practices in the area. Richard Moy, DPM, CEO of Foothill Surgical Institute in Lake Forest, said he is open to holding training sessions, serving as a guest lecturer and other partnerships.

“There are always opportunities when students get into their third year for externships,” he said. “They will learn what private practice is about.”

The podiatric physician is an integral member of the health care team, and College of Podiatric Medicine students will learn alongside other disciplines. This is a great concept, said John Williams, DPM, who runs a residency program at the VA hospital in Loma Linda. This integrated approach lets everybody know what the other disciplines are doing, he said.

“They will have a better understanding of how to approach problems as a team,” Williams said. “The more you know about your team, the better it is.”