Osteopathy’s Promise to Children, the charitable arm of the Osteopathic

Center for Children (OCC), will receive a $28,125 grant from The Prince of

Wales Foundation to fund a series of osteopathic treatments for children

in financial need.

The OCC, a medical center affiliated with Western University in Pomona, is

the only center in the United States devoted exclusively to providing

osteopathic medical treatments for children. Osteopathy’s Promise to

Children is a charitable organization that provides support for the OCC.

“”We are most grateful to The Prince of Wales Foundation for its grant to

help needy children from around the world experience the incomparable

benefits of osteopathic treatments,”” said Viola Frymann, DO, FAAO, OCC

founder and director. “”The Royal Family are patrons of the British School

of Osteopathy and know first hand the benefits of osteopathic care.””

Osteopathic medicine is a distinctive form of medical care founded on the

philosophy that all body systems are interrelated and dependent upon one

another for good health. This philosophy was developed in 1874 by Dr.

Andrew Taylor Still, who pioneered the concept of “”wellness”” and

recognized the importance of treating illness within the context of the

whole body.

Osteopathic physicians use all of the tools available through modern

medicine including prescription medicine and surgery. They also

incorporate osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT) into their regimen of

patient care when appropriate. OMT is a set of manual medicine techniques

that may be used to relieve pain, restore range of motion and enhance the

body’s capacity to heal.

Physicians licensed as Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine (DOs), like their

allopathic counterparts (MDs), must pass a national or state medical board

examination in order to obtain a license to practice medicine. DOs provide

comprehensive medical care to patients in all 50 states and the District

of Columbia.

The Prince of Wales Foundation was founded by England’s Prince Charles as

a means of addressing a broad variety of interests in the United States

and around the world, such as education, healthcare, urban and rural

renewal, community development, youth services and the environment.

Dr. Frymann met with Prince Charles last fall and discussed the advantages

of osteopathic care.

The OCC is located at 4135 54th Place, near San Diego State University.

The number is (619) 583-7611. Its Web address is http://www.osteopathic-