Pomona, CA – Western University of Health Sciences’ College of Veterinary

Medicine is offering Southern California pet owners a different way to

cope with the passing of their animal companions.

Recently initiated, the College’s Willed deceased Animals for Veterinary

Education (WAVE) program gives pet and animal owners the opportunity to

donate their deceased animals to veterinary education at the university.

“”Many pet owners find that donating their four-legged loved ones can be

the best tribute to their time spent together,”” said Nina McCoy, WAVE

program director. “”They know that in making that donation, they are

helping to make veterinarians better and, moreover, make them better at

treating the ailments from which the animal passed away.””

With the college devoted to its “”Reverence For Life”” philosophy in which

no animals will be harmed for the sake of education, the WAVE program will

be the soul source for animal specimens used in the college’s anatomy,

surgery, pathology and clinical skills courses. The exact use of the

donations is dependent on the donor’s wishes, the inherent value of the

animal and the respective legal restrictions. Additionally, all donations

to the WAVE program must have died or been euthanized due to serious

illness or injury. Animals without owners that are euthanized to combat

over-population issues can not be accepted, as their use is not in align

with the philosophy of the college. The WAVE program is in need of

donations from all wildlife species. The WAVE program’s current campaign

for donations is a vital part of the preparations in opening the doors to

the college’s charter class of 86 students in August.

Those interested in donating or learning more about the WAVE program

should contact Ms. McCoy at (909) 469-5431 or by e-mail at: