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Message from the WesternU Board of Trustees

by Rodney Tanaka

October 20, 2020

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Dear WesternU Community,

Over the past several months, the WesternU Board of Trustees and President Wilson have engaged in meaningful conversation about the future needs of the University. President Wilson’s vision and leadership have propelled the institution to greater heights and his mark on the University is indelible. As part of that conversation, President Wilson has made the decision that now is an appropriate time to begin the process of identifying a new leader for WesternU. President Wilson has indicated that he is taking this step now because he has modernized the University, led it through the extraordinary disruptions of 2020, and situated it for even greater opportunities in the post-pandemic future. Upon broad and deep reflection, he wishes to enjoy a different mode and tempo in personal and professional life.

As such, President Wilson will be stepping down as president of WesternU effective July 1, 2021.

The Board offers its sincere appreciation to President Wilson for helping to guide the University through one of the most turbulent times in our country’s history, as well as taking on the challenge of shaping the next evolution of our young and still rapidly maturing University.

President Wilson has helped to establish building blocks that will serve WesternU as it moves forward. Among President Wilson’s contributions is a more optimal organizational structure and systems to prepare the University for growth and future challenges. Under his tenure, operations and information technology experienced notable advancement. He initiated professional development for faculty, administrators and staff, established a new Health Sciences College in Oregon, and a Strategic Alliance with Claremont Graduate University. Most importantly, he has ensured that all mission areas and Colleges are functioning admirably to educate our superb students.

As part of the process for identifying a new President, we are eager to work with the community to create and enhance pathways and relationships amongst all stakeholders. The Board promises timely updates. The next few months present an opportunity for us to build upon the foundation and rededicate ourselves to the special mission of WesternU of educating tomorrow’s healthcare professionals with a combination of scientific excellence and a humanistic, compassionate approach to patient care. We look forward to charting our course together.


WesternU Board of Trustees

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