The University of California, Riverside, has announced in a news release

that the University is submitting a proposal to establish a new medical

school. Chancellor France Cordova made the public announcement in

Riverside on November 10. The news release states that “”it would be the

first medical school built in the state in 40 years.”” This statement is


The following information is provided to remind the community

that Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona takes its place as a

major medical and health professions resource in the Inland Empire.

WesternU was founded in 1977 as the College of Osteopathic

Medicine of the Pacific (COMP) and in 1978 the first class of 36 students

was admitted. The university began its 29th year of service this fall

(2005). Some additional facts about medical education at WesternU:

Today COMP has an enrollment of 724 students in its four-year

medical program

The current first year class has 219 students enrolled

500 students are Californians

Over 2,500 students have graduated from COMP as physicians

64% of COMP alumni practice in California

COMP alumni go into every specialty in medicine

COMP has numerous clinical rotation sites (medical centers,

hospitals, clinics, and practices) throughout the Inland Empire and

Southern California that are training sites for COMP students in their

third and fourth years of medical school. Sites include Arrowhead

Regional Medical Center and Riverside County Medical Center.

COMP sponsors 20 residency programs for a total of 246 positions

in California in disciplines ranging from family medicine to


The University and COMP are initiating an enhanced research

effort, further fulfilling the mission of the university as an academic

medical and health center.

Conclusion In addition to COMP, the University educates physician

assistants, physical therapists, pharmacists, nurses, and veterinarians

meeting the health care needs in the Inland Empire.