Dear Editor:

There are national days of recognition on our calendar that

throughout the year remind us to celebrate, remember, honor, and

recognize events and people. One day that is important to Western

University of Health Sciences is National Philanthropy Day, November

15th. As a non-profit, private university, we depend on the generous

philanthropy of our friends, granting organizations, and private

corporations, whose contributions make the daily life of our learning

community possible.

At a private university, it takes much more than tuition to keep

classrooms, computer technology, laboratories and learning resources

current. After tuition, students have books, laptop computers and

supplies to buy, and then room and board to pay for in order to study

full-time. Philanthropic generosity makes student scholarships possible.

Gifts from our partners fund faculty chairs through endowments

created to attract the best faculty in health care. Our corporate

partners make new buildings possible and provide leading edge medical

technology so that our students are thoroughly prepared when they begin

meeting patients. Granting agencies and organizations provide funding

for research so that our students can learn at the frontiers of


We know that philanthropic giving is a choice and that our donors

share in and support the mission of the university. National

Philanthropy Day reminds us to say thank you to all who give, not only to

our university, but to all of the charities that make a difference and do

good in our communities, especially the communities around the world

struggling to recover from the disasters of this year.

At WesternU we also thank our students and faculty who go above

and beyond their daily commitments to give their time and talents in

providing free health and wellness care in our local communities.

To all who give and care, THANK YOU!

Philip Pumerantz, President