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Good Neighbor Pharmacy donates bone density machine to WesternU College of Pharmacy

by Rodney Tanaka

August 14, 2009

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AmerisourceBergen’s Good Neighbor Pharmacy (GNP) has generously donated a bone density machine worth more than $13,000 to the Western University of Health Sciences College of Pharmacy.

The Ultrasound Bone Density Densitometer and travel case were presented to the College of Pharmacy at Hendricks Pharmacy in Claremont, Calif. on Wednesday Aug. 12, 2009. The machine screens for osteoporosis by measuring density of the heel bone.

The pharmacy is owned by Dr. Brian Garner, who bought the well-established independent community pharmacy six years ago. It is also the primary practice site for full-time WesternU faculty member Dr. Karl Hess, who operates a travel medicine clinic on site.

“”What we are going to do is promote the clinic and some of the other services we do in addition to filling medications,”” said Garner. “”I expect the bone density machine to be useful for more than just health fairs. We plan to have osteoporosis screening days on a routine basis like every other Wednesday.””

AmerisourceBergen’s Rich Hazinski, director of programs, West Region and Clare Petrotta, RN, PHN, BSN, programs manager, West Region at Good Neighbor Pharmacy delivered the portable machine to Hendricks Pharmacy. Petrotta was on hand to provide instruction and demonstrate how to use the bone density machine.

Hazinski, who oversees GNP and Diabetes Shoppe programs offered by AmerisourceBergen from Colorado to Hawaii, said they are happy to be able to provide some resources needed to foster student training and knowledge in the area of bone density screenings.

“”Good Neighbor Pharmacy is pleased to be able to work with the WesternU pharmacy students,”” said Hazinski. “”While learning new skills, these students are providing a valuable service within the community, sometimes to patients who may not be able to afford the screenings or might not have been aware of available screenings. Another valuable opportunity is that the students become better acquainted with independent community pharmacy and get valuable face to face time with pharmacists who make a difference in their communities everyday.””

Ten million people in the United States have osteoporosis, a disease that weakens bones, making it more likely for them to break. It can strike both men and women, but is more common in older women.

Hendricks Pharmacy has more than 50 years of contributing to the community, said David Olivas, senior field representative for Rep. David Dreier, R-San Dimas.


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