The Pomona Community Health Action Team (PCHAT) will provide free health

screenings from 6 a.m. to 11 a.m., Saturday, March 3, at the Pomona Day

Labor Center, 1646 W. Mission Blvd. (the corner of Mission and the 71

Corona Expressway).

This screening is geared primarily toward those who look to the Day Labor

Center for employment (note the earlier time frame), but is open to the

general public. Free barbecue also will be served.

At the event, those in attendance will receive a general health screening,

which includes an examination of the eyes, ears, throat and lungs and

stomach area. Blood glucose levels also will be taken. Participants will

be referred to free or low-cost health care facilities in the local area

should the screening reveal illness or another health concern.

Students from Western University of Health Sciences will conduct health

screenings under the supervision of licensed physicians. Students from the

Pomona Unified School District’s Adult Education program for nursing

assistants will also participate and members of the Associated Pomona

Teachers Association help with organization and publicity.

In addition, representatives from the Pomona Police Department will be on

hand to offer information about crime prevention.