The San Bernardino Sun

Doreen Pon, Correspondent

Ever feel like there’s a black cloud hanging over your head while you’re traveling? Did Montezuma decide to take revenge during a 12-hour plane ride? Were "snap," "crackle" and "pop" the sounds coming from your joints as you crawled out of your hotel bed in the morning?

Savvy travelers know to prepare for the unexpected. A personal first-aid kit will prevent minor medical mishaps from dampening your vacation plans. But your first-aid kit needn’t weigh you down, especially if you assemble your own. It can take up as little space as a packet of pocket tissues. The essentials:

Tegaderm: A waterproof, breathable dressing that keeps minor wounds clean and protected. Better than traditional adhesive bandages, which get wet and leave your skin macerated, these thin, transparent adhesive dressings keep your cuts dry and allow them to heal. Trim them to fit minor cuts, scrapes, blisters and burns… Read the full story >>