On March 9, 2007, Dr. Shirley Johnston, dean of the College of Veterinary

Medicine (CVM), was joined by WesternU President Dr. Philip Pumerantz,

CVM Advisory Council members, CVM associate deans, and faculty and staff

to announce the dedication of a flowering pear tree planted by the

College’s entry in honor of Dr. Billy E. Hooper, founding chair of the

CVM Advisory Council. A plaque recognizing Dr. Hooper’s contribution was

installed at the base of the pear tree.

“”It is very appropriate, as we graduate our first class, to create a

permanent memorial of Dr. Hooper’s vision of the College,”” said Dean


Dr. Hooper was initially retained by Western University in 1997 to

develop a vision for a College of Veterinary Medicine of the future. He

authored the College’s original plan; and the founding principles of CVM –

commitment to self-directed learning, reverence for life and clinical

education through strategic partnerships – began with his vision for the

College. He also served as interim associate dean for Preclinical

Programs at the College of Veterinary Medicine at Western University of

Health Sciences in 2004.

“”I am humbled by this presentation, because my contribution was a small

part,”” said Dr. Hooper. “”Throughout the process there has been a guiding

philosophy, which became my guiding light. Dr. Pumerantz wrote, in his

1998-99 State of The University address, ‘