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College of Graduate Nursing launches website to improve health care

by Rodney Tanaka

October 30, 2013

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The College of Graduate Nursing (CGN) at Western University of Health Sciences has created a website, Cultivating Healthy Communities, to gather information from residents about safety, quality, affordability and access to health care, as well as to improve the health of citizens.

CGN is inviting senior citizens, ages 65 and older, to help test the website by completing a survey about preventing falls in older adults.

“”The overarching goal is to gather information from citizens to learn about their experiences, opinions, and preferences regarding healthy lifestyle practices, health care safety, and improving health care for residents in our community,”” said Jan Boller, PhD, RN, director, Doctor of Nursing Program, Health Systems Leadership, Fletcher Jones Foundation Endowed Chair for Nursing Quality and Safety.

CGN plans to continue to use this website as a platform for engaging with residents to improve health care and outcomes.

The new community engagement website, created by MindMixer, has additional surveys related to safety, quality and health. Each set of questions is short, and should take less than five minutes to complete. Each month, new questions will be added to the website, based on feedback from participants.

“”All information gathered will help WesternU leaders better understand preferences of community residents as we plan for future health care and a healthier community,”” Boller said.

CGN received intramural grant funding from WesternU for this project.

For more information, or to address problems accessing the website, contact website administrator Matt Durkin at or (909) 469-5632, or Jan Boller at or (909) 706-3852.

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