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by Rodney Tanaka

January 1, 2008

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by Andrew Khosho, Board of Trustee Representative

It has been a great first semester at Western University. We have had a lot of health fairs, our Apothecary Olympics, and trained our new board. With all these events the one that stands out the most was our Local Associations Wine and Cheese event. At this event we had a lot of guest speakers from our surrounding associations. Ken Thai, Lynn Rolston, Karl Hess, and Charlie Brown gave speeches on the importance of getting involved in your local association. It is via local associations that students will meet their future employers, colleagues, and friends. The greatest asset a local association can give a student is providing students with a voice – a voice that will speak for the future of their profession, guide issues that are important to us as students, and, most importantly, your local association is the voice of pharmacy in your community. Read the full story >>


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