David Krasnow, OD, MPH, MBA

David Krasnow, OD, MPH, MBA, is an honorary member of the WesternU College of Optometry having served and contributed to the college over the years. His contributions span over many areas within the college. He serves on the WesternU College of Optometry Advisory Board. He has served as a preceptor to students on rotations. He has volunteered his time and mentorship to graduating fourth-year students during their Capstone program offering guidance on resume writing and sitting on professional development panels.

What inspires you to give?  

My family has a history of philanthropy going back three generations. I strongly believe that individuals who have been blessed with success should pay it forward.  Funding scholarships seemed like the natural  thing to do. I am also a co-founder of  Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity (VOSH)/California. Along with a group of like-minded ODs, I have led international missions for almost 20 years. It  is another way to give back.

Is your giving inspired by someone or something in particular? Please share about your unique inspiration. 

I have been an adjunct clinical professor for more than 30 years. Observing many students over the years who have struggled with financing their education, I was moved to help as many as I could by funding two scholarships a year. I also fund two annual scholarships at the undergraduate level. It is my way of giving these students some help on their educational journey.

What message would you use to inspire others to give?  How has giving enhanced your own life? Any recipients that really moved you? 

It is easy to understand that students must borrow hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to complete their education. That debt is equal to a mortgage before they even begin their Optometric career. I would encourage newly-minted ODs to begin to donate to their schools as early as possible.  Even a small gift can constitute a meaningful gift. As the graduate becomes more successful, think of the difference your contribution can mean to someone just like you. 

What would you like the recipients of your gift to know? 

Most donors to scholarships believe in making a difference. We believe in “Paying it Forward.” It is important to remember what these donations meant to you. I ask that the new graduates remember that as they move forward in their career. My practice provided many gifts to me, including financial security. Donate even if it hurts a little. Your contributions make an enormous difference.  

Left to right: Dr. Robert Neher, Dr. David Krasnow and Dr. Elizabeth Hoppe at a reception where Dr. Krasnow received the Ann and Steve Morgan Leopard of the Year Award from the University of La Verne in 2018.