COMP-Northwest students Sean Galka, Cortland Hutchison, Hanna Schulte and Adrienne Valenti demonstrating Eagle Vision Video laryngoscopy intubation with 7-Sigma hi-fidelity simulator & Sonivate dual array finger ultrasound probe to assess ET tube placement.

COMP-Northwest students learned emergency airway techniques in a workshop organized by Professor and Medical Anatomy Center Executive Director Brion Benninger, MD, MSC, and Emergency Medicine Club leadership OMS II’s Sean Galka and Hanna Schulte, with additional support from the Ultrasound Club leadership OMS II’s Chris Cariello and Adam Garman.

They organized seven cutting-edge emergency airway stations using multiple different video laryngoscope’s including Glidescope, Eagle Vision and McGrath scopes to learn and practice intubation inserting endotracheal tube‘s on hi-fidelity 7-Sigma simulators. Another station, the BFlex disposable bronchoscopy scope by Glidescope used in emergency medicine and intensive care units was taught and practiced as well. Cricothyrotomy station was set up with 3-D printed thyroid-larynx-tracheal hi-fidelity specimens applying state of the art overlying synthetic skin. Sectra interactive visualization table combined 3-D rendered airway anatomy from DICOM files with VH Dissector software created actual human images for users to develop mental template learning of the fascinating, subtle but complicated anatomy of the upper airway. An anatomy donor cadaver airway station integrating ultrasound, CT and MRI was also a part of the workshop.

The students will serve as facilitators to maintain these stations when COMP-Northwest hosts a CME course next month. This workshop served as a training opportunity for students and a logistical practice run for the CME course.