COMP-Northwest Professor Brion Benninger, MD, MBChB, MSc-Sports Medicine, presented on May 6 the lecture “Innovative Imaging of the Human Body with Emerging Technologies & Clinical Relevance, Pioneering Paradigm Shift in Teaching Anatomy & Integrating Research,” at the invitation of Dr. Hugo Zeberg, past president of the Swedish Anatomy Society and faculty at the Karolinska Institutet. He spoke of anatomical teaching techniques versus learning and teaching philosophies, andragogy vs pedagogy. He provided latest examples of improving anatomy accuracy with recent imaging innovations and preparations. He demonstrated current benefits of technology to enrich learning. He revealed how one could integrate current technologies to provide a rich stimulating learning experience for health care students in dissection & simulation labs, tutorials and lectures.

COMP-Northwest Professor Brion Benninger in a private viewing room, at Hagstromer Historic Library with original 1543 Vesalius De humani corporis fabrica.

Dr. Benninger also received a private tour of the Hagstromer Historic Library, Karolinska Institutet on May 5 by medical and & natural history historian/author/curator Ove Hagelin in Stockholm, Sweden. Benninger, an avid medical anatomy historian, who recently was invited speaker at Andreas Vesalius 500th birthday in Zakynthos, Greece, said this was an incredible privilege. He examined several exceptional rare original medical writings and discussed at depth and length Andreas Vesalius’ 1543 pivotal work De humani corporis fabrica (The Fabric of the Human Body). This is a landmark Renaissance text which revolutionized and emphatically changed medical training, anatomical knowledge, and artistic representations of the body. Benninger highlighted the important link of humanism between Andreas Vesalius, Henry Gray and Frank Netter while adding the contributions made currently by Carlos Machado-world famous medical illustrator. Professor Björn Meister, Karolinska Institutet, also a medical historian with emphasized knowledge of contributions from Swedish heritage, escorted and aided translations for Benninger on the private tour.