College of Optometry alumna Lindsay Stronz, OD ’13

College of Optometry alumna Lindsay M. Stronz, OD ’13, is Staff Optometrist at Federico F. Peña Family Health Center at Denver Health in Denver, Colorado.

What is your fondest memory of the College of Optometry professionally and/or personally? What do you love about the College? 

My fondest memories are the friendships I made with so many individuals of different backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences. Getting together with classmates for weekly basketball games, laughs, and get-togethers were always fun, and a great reprieve from our constant studying. I am so incredibly proud of the professionals we have all become!

Why did you choose the College of Optometry? 

I was drawn to the College for their emphasis on interdisciplinary education. I feel that to best serve a patient in need it is extremely important to consider the entirety of their health. This has been exceptionally helpful in my current work setting. But to be totally honest and cliché, the outstanding faculty in the optometry program was a huge bonus too!

What are your passions outside optometry?  Passion projects? 

I recently bought a house and I have had an endless list of home projects. It is extremely satisfying to see your hard work and creativity come together. I also enjoy baking, hiking, reading, and crochet when I’m not holding a power tool.

What is your go-to song or artist on your playlist? What is the last concert you went to? 

I am a “music matches my mood” type of girl but my go-to artist is Prince. I was not fortunate enough to see him in concert, however, I made an epic trip to Paisley Park to see where his genius manifested. Let me just say… goosebumps. Looking back, this was my last trip before the pandemic and 100% worth it!

Dr. Lindsay Stronz hiking on a trail near Boulder, Colorado.

If you found $20 what would you do with it? 

I would make every attempt to find the rightful owner. And if that didn’t work, I’d put it in a donation bin. Give positive to get positive, right?

What is your favorite vacation spot? Or what is your dream vacation spot? Why? 

My favorite vacation spot, to date, is Iceland. I was fortunate to take a once-in-a-lifetime trip and experience the entire country while ringing in the new year (2019) singing, dancing, and watching fireworks over the city of Reykjavik. I’ve had over a year now to plan my next trip, so it will be just as amazing, if not more!