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BioMedix Partners with WesternU to Promote Amputation Prevention

by Rodney Tanaka

May 15, 2012

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BioMedix, a leading provider of collaborative healthcare IT solutions, has joined with Western University of Health Sciences (WesternU) to promote amputation prevention through awareness and early detection of Peripheral Artery Disease (P.A.D.).

P.A.D. is a vascular disease caused by buildup of plaque in the arteries in the legs, causing the arteries to harden and narrow, restricting proper blood flow and increasing the risk of amputation. P.A.D. affects 8 to 12 million adults in the United States and, according to the Amputee Coalition, vascular disease results in an estimated 100,000 amputations each year.

Through an educational grant from BioMedix, the WesternU College of Podiatric Medicine will have access to BioMedix PADnet, a user-friendly test for the early detection of P.A.D. In just 15 to 20 minutes, the non-invasive PADnet Arterial test helps identify obstructive disease and determine whether medical or surgical treatment is necessary.

“”Our partnership with BioMedix and the use of PADnet technology will support the success of a new Amputation Prevention and Wound Care Center at WesternU,”” said Jonathan Labovitz, DPM, FACFAS. Dr. Labovitz is associate professor and department chair of Medicine, Surgery and Biomechanics in the College of Podiatric Medicine and Medical Director of the Foot & Ankle Center at WesternU. “”The Center will be an important addition to the WesternU campus that will allow us to appropriately diagnose P.A.D. and improve outcomes through decreased amputations and improved quality of life.””

Diabetic patients make up a large number of those treated at the Foot & Ankle Center at WesternU. Diabetes increases the risk of P.A.D., and diabetic patients with P.A.D. are more likely to undergo a major amputation than non-diabetics. The introduction of the Amputation Prevention and Wound Care Center, along with the use of PADnet, will provide a greater opportunity for diabetic patients to be tested for P.A.D. and treated early, limiting the progression of disease and reducing risk of amputation.

“”Limb loss is an avoidable outcome of P.A.D. that has a significant impact on patient health and quality of life,”” said John Romans, BioMedix President & CEO, “”We are proud to support the WesternU podiatric medicine program and further our joint mission to promote enhanced care through community-based physician collaboration.””

About BioMedix

BioMedix is a leader in healthcare IT designed to build and support community-based collaborative healthcare networks. BioMedix solutions coordinate the identification, treatment and management of patients with vascular disease while optimizing provider resources with cloud- and premise-based tools and integrated services. For more information about BioMedix, call 877-854-0014 or visit For more information about PADnet, visit

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