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Max Ray, PharmD, MS, has been named dean of the College of Pharmacy at

Western University of Health Sciences (WesternU), effective November 1.

Dr. Ray, who is a professor of pharmacy practice at the College, as well

as director of WesternU’s Center for Pharmacy Practice Research &

Development, was selected to lead the College after a six-month search

following the resignation last spring of Founding Dean Harry Rosenberg.

“”Max had the training, education and skills we’re looking for,”” said

George Charney, DO, FAOCA, FAODME, executive vice president of academic

affairs/chief academic officer. “”His background – in hospitals, and in

academia – will serve us well as the College continues to be a leader in

the education of pharmacy professionals.””

In addition to his work at the College, Dr. Ray’s professional experience

includes hospital pharmacy practice, pharmacy education and association

management. He has been a pharmacy manager both at the Medical University

of South Carolina Hospital (MUSC) and the University of California-San

Diego (UCSD) Medical Center.

He has been a faculty member of the colleges of pharmacy at the University

of Tennessee, MUSC, and the University of California-San Francisco. He

served as director of the division of clinical pharmacy at MUSC for five


For 10 years he was the director of the professional practice division and

director of accreditation services for the American Society of Hospital

Pharmacists and was executive vice president of the California Society of

Hospital Pharmacists for five years.

Dr. Ray has authored more than 60 publications in pharmacy literature and

has given more than 400 presentations at professional meetings.

In addition, in late September he was project director of a conference in

Baltimore, Maryland, of experts from around the country which discussed a

re-engineering of the health care industry’s medication-use system.

“”I believe pharmacy education has a major responsibility to help

practitioners clarify their roles and to make their maximum contribution

to society,”” Dr. Ray said. “”The faculty at the College of Pharmacy

recognize and accept that responsibility and I look forward to helping us

move in that direction.””

Dr. Ray said he intends to work with the College’s faculty and staff to

expand the College’s research efforts in the pharmaceutical sciences,

exploring additional “”creative use”” of the College’s current use of Web-

based instruction, and adding facilities for the growth of the College’s

professional practice programs, among other goals, he said.

“”We want to ensure that our graduates are well prepared for a wide range

of professional opportunities and that they become recognized as excellent

practitioners,”” he said.

The College of Pharmacy, founded in 1996, has 377 students enrolled in the

four-year program that leads to the Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree.

The College’s Charter Class will graduate in June.