The atrium in WesternU’s Health Professions Center holds a

special meaning for a Northern California doctor and his family, thanks

to a $150,000 donation to the College of Osteopathic Medicine of the


The Tsang Family Foundation agreed to make the generous donation to

support the college’s educational needs. In return, the area in the HPC

is named the Tsan-Yung Star Atrium, and the building’s spiral

staircase is dubbed the “”Steps to Healing.””

The atrium is named in honor of Tsan-Yung, a man who dedicated his life

to insuring that each of his eight children — including Dr. Pui-Lam

Tsang — received a quality education.

“”He raised many children and emphasized education although he never

finished grade school,”” said Dr. Tsang. “”My aim is to support higher

education professional schools. That is the objective of my family and

our foundation.””

“”This is a very special gift because it reminds us of what we owe our

parents. They are the ones who create ‘steps to healing’ for a new

generation of osteopathic physicians,”” said Garth Clayton, Foundations

and Government Relations director.

As a result of Dr. Tsang’s gift, Catherine Ho traveled to Hong Kong

Baptist University’s School of Chinese Medicine this past summer to

complete a research project involving acupuncture. There are plans to

send another student for a similar research project next year.

The foundation has also made gifts to colleges in Illinois and Arizona.

Dr. Tsang, an alumnus of the Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine, has

visited WesternU several times with his wife, Audrey Kon-Lo Tsang, who is

also a trustee of the foundation. Dr. Tsang lectured on Eastern theories

of medicine, on acupuncture, and on chi-kung, a martial art that

integrates physical postures, breathing techniques and focused