Thirty-two COMP-Northwest students assisted in health screenings as part of the 13th Annual Asian Community Health Fair in Portland on Saturday, Aug. 16. John T. Pham, DO, Vice Chair of the Department of Family Medicine, organized the COMP-Northwest student-volunteers for the event. Medical students tested patients’ glucose and cholesterol levels, took blood pressure readings, performed physical exams and BMI testing, and provided consultations.

"It was exciting to see our second-year students put their clinical skills in action," Dr. Pham said. "Our first-year students really stepped up to the challenge, despite this being their first week of school. We shined that day and the Asian community truly appreciated the level of care they received."

COMP-Northwest students were accompanied by nursing and medical students from Oregon Health & Science University and pharmacy students from Oregon State University. The health fair was sponsored by the Asian Health & Service Center.

"Our students helped see more than 2,000 patients that day," said Paula M. Crone, DO, Dean of COMP and COMP-Northwest. "Through the tireless work of Dr. Pham, Dr. Erik Szeto, and our students, we were able to positively affect these patients’ lives. I am very proud of the work our students and Dr. Pham did on Saturday, and look forward to COMP-Northwest volunteering at this health screening for years to come."